What Clients Are Saying 

I was recently diagnosed with bone spurs in my right ankle. I am very active and wanted to treat my ankle pain without surgery that would have had me miss days of work. Yvonne has treated my ankle several times and I am really noticing a difference in regards to both the swelling and pain. Combining her nursing background and her commitment to the well-being of others makes her the perfect acupuncturist to aid in my pain management journey. I barely notice the needles and am completely relaxed during my sessions. 

Chuck Hootman-Cyclist, Backpacker


Yvonne's acupuncture treatments have been just what I needed each time I saw her. Her treatments have helped detoxify, energize, and reground me after some busy weekends. Her treatments have supported me on physical and emotional level. Every time I visit Yvonne I get a deeper understanding of acupuncture and my own body. We are blesses to have this woman in Columbus. 

Zedrick Clark- Owner of Reflect Float Center 


Yvonne Woodson is a magician with the body. She understands the intricacies and all of the little details that make up who we are. With this gift and a needle she is able to realign and reorganize our energy and put our pieces back in order to facilitate the body healing itself. Yes, she is my mother and she understands me very well. Her treatments go beyond family bond. She is able to recreate this relationship with all her patients and use her gift to heal any ailments that might be throwing us out of whack. No matter how big or small Yvonne can move mountains (figuratively). Her healing track record starts with nursing, rooted in western medicine, and extends to acupuncture, rooted in eastern medicine.  This combination of elements give her ability to approach anything with a balanced mentality, and it shows. You will feel the different, just give it a try

Nile Woodson- Server


Absolutely blown away , nothing short of magic! For the first time I finally move without tension and pain in my back, pain which has haunted me for the last few years. I recommend everyone to Yvonne and fall under her healing hands

Kevin Oakden - Agnostic Roofer 


I am always thrilled to be treated by Yvonne. Her clarity, gentle manner and knowledge is comforting. I feel better even in her presence and am grateful to have a healer available for my wellbeing. 

Sommer Renaldo - Graphic Designer 


Yvonne is magical. This was my first time getting an acupuncture treatment and I was astounded at the results. I left feeling so relaxed, clam, and at peace. This feeling lasted all day and a few days after.  I went in for my appointment looking for an alternative method for back pains and left with solutions for that and so much more.  I now see her weekly for treatments from everything from back pains, allergies, and even to just destress. She is amazing. 

Brittany Vacca- Life Coach and Website Designer 


I am so impressed with the results I’ve gotten since working with Yvonne-She is a miracle worker!

Cindy Bukovinsky

Yvonne is amazing!! I first started going to her after I had Breast Cancer. She was able to use acupuncture to reduce the side effects of Chemo and other issues. I have gone to her for many issues and have had tremendous relief. Reduction of Inflammation, allergies, stress, sleep, energy, metabolism, digestion, increasing the function of organs, etc. Acupuncture can fix about any issue you have! I had a knee injury and acupuncture took the swelling away as well as pain and I was better and walking normally in less than 2 weeks. Yvonne has also been doing acupuncture on my face to bring the collagen back to the surface with glowing results and line and wrinkle reduction. Acupuncture has also helped soften and reduce scar tissue caused by surgery. I highly recommend Yvonne, German Village Acupuncture and acupuncture in general!!

Tracey Edwards